Certain expenses you pay to obtain a mortgage on your rental property can’t be deducted as interest. These expenses, which include mortgage commissions, abstract fees, and recording fees, are capital expenses that are part of your basis in the property.

Current non-owner-occupied and investment property mortgage rates and fees for. Calculating the income for a rental property when you apply for a mortgage .

Use the rent vs. buy calculator at realtor.com to make the right rent or buy decision. Find out which option is best for you, buying a house or renting a home.

 · Why is cash-on-cash return on rental properties important to know?. head over to our rental property cash Flow Calculator first.. down payment would be 35,000, Rent would be 1500 a month. Mortgage payment would be roughly 730/mo , taxes would be 400-450/month . House value is 230,000 . No repairs needed at this time.

Calcmoolator Pro is a multi-purpose tool that contains multiple calculators and allows you to compute things like tips, whether to rent or buy homes and cars, auto loan estimates, mortgage payment.

These will gradually reduce the ability of investors to offset the cost of mortgage interest against rental income. to see exactly how this will affect their property investments can use a.

Think investing is limited to owning a property and renting it out?.. decides to finance a rental property and take out a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage for $100,000 .

 · In addition to mortgage interest, you can deduct origination fees and points used to purchase or refinance your rental property, interest on unsecured loans used for improvements and any credit card interest for purchases related to your rental property. Come tax time, you must have already spent money on these purchases to qualify.

 · If you get a 15 year, $100,000 loan on a rental property at a 4 percent interest rate, the payments will be $740 a month (check out bank rate mortgage calculator for calculating mortgage payments). Over the 15 years of that loan, you will pay $33,143 in interest.

If property tax is $20,000 per year and the mortgage balance is over $1,000,000. I tried several online “rent-versus-buy” calculators at various home purchase prices, and when looking at higher.