· The hottest time of day. We all know that the sun is at its highest point in the sky at noon, so that must be the hottest time of the day, right? Not really. While it is true that the most energy being received by the earth from the sun is at noon, the thermal response means that all that energy isn’t felt in the air for at least a few hours.

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Noon is the hottest time of the day because during noon time the Sun is right above us and the rays of the Sun fall directly. The direct rays of the Sun are hotter than the slanting rays.

Like many Earthly phenomena, the hottest part of the day is determined by different variables. If your part of the country recognizes daylight savings time, the hottest part of the day is increased or decreased by one hour, depending on the time of year.

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 · Only a small area in the southwestern U.S. is likely to see the hottest temperature of the year occur in June. The same is true for August (more so than June though). The big "winner" is July. For 78% of the U.S. and Canada, July is the most common month to.

For many locations, July is the warmest time of the year.. (NCEI), shown above, lays out how the average hottest day varies across the Lower 48 states. (MORE: Your Hottest and Coolest Summer)

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