Scroll down to see the many ways you can serve!  You don't have to be organically inclined!  You don't even have to put your hands in the dirt!  There are lots of ways for you to help!

Global Ministry

Imagine traveling to foreign countries and meeting people just like you, with a heart to serve... whose ministries revolve in some way, around hungry children... and when you meet, you know that there is a connection between you that only God could have foreseen.  This will be your experience when you participate in the planning and actual hands-on building of a garden in Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines or wherever it is that God is calling YOU! Please click HERE to register.

Community Education

Our Garden Gnome Digest is a program that teaches our methodology in laymen's terms, of gardening. We teach sustainability, organic practices, permaculture, urban gardening, food forest practices and regular rural farming practices. If you would like to sign up for classes, please click HERE. If you would like to join this team, please let us know!


We are always looking for driven and organized individuals who understand the importance of order on the support end of any establishment.  It truly takes someone who is comfortable behind the scenes, as well as someone who can stand in the limelight and represent the vision of Seeds of Grace.  Our administrative team can use your help!  Do you have experience with databases, bookkeeping, social media, website maintenance or a skill you would like to commit to lending weekly? Join us!

Board of Directors

Although we do have our Board selected for the current term, we are always keeping our radar tuned to seeking out those whose heart is for feeding children, who has impeccable credentials and who will be able to forward the mission and vision of Seeds of Grace.  Are you interested in being considered for a seat on the board if one comes available in the next year?  Please let us know and fill out the Prospective Board Member Questionnaire.


Looking to join our team as a volunteer? Seeds of Grace has many different opportunities to volunteer. You can help our admin team, our local gardens team, our events teams or any combination of above. Please click HERE to apply.

We have a lot of gardens and other projects beginning - interested in helping with those? Please register HERE.

Internships and jobs Available

Jobs we need filled:

See above volunteer opportunities.

Internships we have available:

Do you have an eye for design? Are you great at organizing?
Delegating? Team Building? Do you have established partnerships in the community? We are looking for someone who can commit time and give your best work to building the events that really make a difference for Seeds of Grace. 

Bring your webbuilding skills to Seeds of Grace, using our existing platform, Squarespace, or if you have skills on another platform, lets talk! We are looking for someone who can commit time and give your best work to building the online presence of Seeds of Grace, and help us drive people to our website. 

We would like to have someone available for garden builds, work parties, celebrations, awareness events and fundraising events. If you can shoot and edit footage, cut it together and build the commercials, all the better. We require someone who can understand the mission of Seeds of Grace and be able to articulate that through your medium of specialty.

            Seeds of Grace offers community education through our Garden Gnome Digest - would you be willing to help others explore their garden                      prowess through YOUR curriculum?

Currently, we are looking for someone who has experience with all the major social media platforms, and who wants to grow their skills by helping to build the Seeds of Grace online presence. Is this YOU???