Board of Directors

Job Description


Basic Responsibilities

The Board is vested with the responsibility for carrying out the mission of the Seeds of Grace. To hire the Executive Director and support his vision for the Mission. Be responsible for implementing policy established by the organization in regards to planning and goal setting, for financial stability and development, for ongoing evaluation and monitoring, as well as enthusiastic endorsement of the work of the Seeds of Grace.


Election to the Board of Trustees is for a three-year term (except when filling an unexpired term) – subject to reelection.

Meeting Attendance

A)      Quarterly Board meetings

B)       Standing committee meetings

C)       Ad hoc committee meetings (as needed)


A)      Special events (as announced)

B)       Represent the Seeds of Grace at community activities and meetings


A)      Are men and women of spiritual maturity

B)       Committed to faithfully praying for the Seeds of Grace, its mission, staff and clients.

C)       Willing to accept, promote the mission and represent publicly the goals and objectives of the Seeds of Grace.

D)      Possess knowledge and motivation needed by the Seeds of Grace to further its spiritual goals.

E)       Is willing to share in the operation of the Board and its committees and participate in leading the    organization.

F)       Maintain a standard of excellence in business, church and private life.

G)      Willing to make personal financial contribution and willing to ask others to give.

Specific Tasks

A)      Communicate regularly with Executive Director and Program Oversight Team members, keeping abreast of all issues, problems, celebrations of Seeds of Grace and your team.

B)       Regularly attend Board meetings, committee meetings as assigned, orientation sessions and special meetings as appropriate.

C)       Willing to serve on committees as assigned by the Board of Trustees.

D)      Make decisions on issues, priorities, goals and objectives based on careful and prayerful consideration of the facts and all relevant data.

E)       Assist the Executive Director in formulating and updating the approval of long-range strategies and objectives as well as annual operating objectives.

F)       Nominate members and elect officers of the Board.

G)      Monitor the organization’s operating budget.

H)      Interpret and promote the mission, goals and objectives of Seeds of Grace to increase public awareness, understanding and support for the Mission.

I)         Be willing to assist in solicitation of funds for the annual operating budget.