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Seeds of Grace at the Kitsap Great Give

  • Lichen Hollow 8050 Illahee Road NE Bremerton US (map)

Help us make this the most successful Great Give yet!

Seeds of Grace has been building gardens on the Kitsap Peninsula since June of 2014. Our yearly average of four new gardens has brought us to this year, 2019, with a total twenty-one gardens built over five years. These gardens have been strategically placed in areas where they would have the most impact: schools, subsidized housing communities, parks in less affluent neighborhoods, youth and senior centers.

Over the past five years, these gardens have provided our community with thousands of pounds of fresh, organically-grown produce harvested by the hands of hundreds of volunteers.

In 2016, we found out about the Kitsap Great Give and have participated in it each year since. The revenue raised through this wonderfully-conceived crowdfunding campaign has helped us to build these gardens. The partnerships fostered through the donations that have been made are integral to our ongoing capacity for growth.

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Each year, our eyes have been opened to bigger and better possibilities as we have built, redefined and honed the programs we offer. Community support and partnerships have brought us here – and I want to share with you the latest developments.

In 2018, Seeds of Grace was informed that their letter of request for a building on acreage had won the competition out of several contenders. It seemed that our dream to create our own educational program for school-aged students struck a chord with the selection board. Upon receipt of this gift we were not only grateful, exceedingly so, we were also exceedingly overwhelmed.

Lichen Hollow is our lovingly re-named facility, located in the small niche between Illahee, Brownsville and University Point on the Kitsap Peninsula, is nestled against beautiful woods teeming with deer and other wild animals just waiting to grow into its full potential. This potential is not just as the Seeds of Grace Headquarters, but also as a meeting, classroom and private party venue for up to 100 people which then becomes another revenue stream to be used for facilities maintenance, renovation and upkeep.

This gift gave us unexpected potential; it has exponentially expanded the breadth of our capacity. We now have space to freely grow, daily tend, and openly harvest. We now have a place from which we can operate all of our administration, store all of our excess garden supplies and events décor.

While this facility is a blessing, it comes with an immediate to-do list before the full potential can be realized: the heating system was unusable when we took possession, and the roof is in disrepair and leaks in places. There are several other things on our “want” list, but our “need” list is taking priority right now.

A commitment for our heating system by the Bremerton Central Lion’s Foundation for $7500 will pay for one half and is contingent upon our raising the other $7500. This is why we have decided that it will be one of the fundraising targets we have for this year’s Kitsap Great Give.

If we are able to fund the other half of the heating system, we will not have to endure another heatless winter here (brrr!) and we will be able to realize more net revenue from renting out Lichen Hollow, which we'll use for the other renovation and repair projects! This venue "rental" plan also includes free use of the facility for other NPO's, community clubs and service organizations. We are offering the venue to other organizations or businesses who offer free classes to the community on a donation basis only. Our main desire is to bring the property back to a point where it becomes an asset to be used by the community as well as Seeds of Grace. 

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Over the past few years, we had begun discussing expanding our program offerings to include education - specifically as it fits into what we already offer. The vision has included a plan to build a summer day camp for children. The gift of Lichen Hollow has given us the capacity to do just that.

We would like to put the additional donations raised through the Kitsap Great Give, over and above our heating request for matching funds, toward a program designed to give kids exposure to concepts as simple as seed sowing and as complicated as the intricate details of symbiosis in a 5-day (6-hours per day) camp that will incorporate STEM concepts, Indigenous Peoples Perspective of earth stewardship and the simplicity of brotherly love into an environment-focused, hands-on, five-day camp called Growing Garden Gnomes: Planting Seeds, Cultivating Love.

Each day’s activities will encompass themes: Growing Organically, Sustainability, Alternative Growing Methods, Foraging and Gleaning, and Personal Wellness. Within these themes will be sessions that will delve deeper into subjects like water conservation, mentoring, aguaponics, vermiculture, soil chemistry, and community service among many others-18 in all!

The students will experiment with pH, carbon capture, and different soils for different plants. They will have opportunities to walk through the forest and find the edible native species of plants and mushrooms. Every day they will bring home evidence of what they are learning, and at the end of the week, they will be able to demonstrate concepts that at the beginning of the week were foreign to them.

We feel tremendous excitement about the potential impact of this program. We know that there will be seeds planted in these children that they will carry with them into the future. They will bring with them perspectives which will facilitate the change that will be necessary for their generation and for generations to come.

We are well on our way to having the administrators, teachers, facilitators, and specialists, to help run the camp, however, we would love to invite you to join us. If you are interested in helping us make this a reality, or you have nuggets of specialized information, or you simply want to be in the presence of our future world-changers come; be a part of our first annual educational camp.

Thank you for reading through our organization's profile. Please consider a gift to Seeds of Grace as you support our wide array of nonprofit organizations represented in the Kitsap Great Give. It will make such a difference.

The support you give us through the Kitsap Great Give will be instrumental to the efficiency with which we can provide our community a wonderful venue for classes, meetings and also weddings and parties, while also giving us a solid foundation on which we will grow our future educational camps. We gratefully accept your gift and will gladly report back to you the difference you are making with this partnership, and for the children of our future. 
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Impact Story - In 2016, we found out about the Kitsap Great Give and have participated in it each year since. The revenue raised through this wonderfully-conceived crowdfunding campaign has helped us to build every garden since. It is atypical that we get to interact with those who might receive the food we grow; especially those who receive it through food banks. But to know that there are many who wait for us, come harvest season, to bring the freshly picked food to the food bank for donation, brings us so much joy. This joy, we gladly share with the partners fostered through the Kitsap Great Give, not just those on whose donations we depend, (as integral to our ongoing capacity for growth as they are), but also through the awareness raised by the program. Impactful. Kitsap Great Give has truly been impactful.

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Mission Statement - Seeds of Grace builds sustainable, organic gardens in impoverished neighborhoods locally and around the world to feed God's Sheep while planting seeds to educate future generations

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