Board Member’s Oath

I, (Your Name), a duly elected director of Seeds of Grace, do solemnly swear and do hereby affirm as follows: 

• I will attend as many meetings as possible and prepare in advance by reviewing all materials. 

• I understand that if I miss 3 meetings without good cause, the Board can declare my seat vacant and elect another candidate to complete my term of office. 

• I will avoid self-dealing and I will place Seeds of Grace’s interests above my own personal agenda. 

• I will cooperate with the other directors and follow the rules of decorum and parliamentary procedure for every meeting, and act in a courteous and civil manner toward my fellow directors, meeting attendees, volunteers and contractors of Seeds of Grace. 

• I will not divulge confidences or sensitive information to non-directors. 

• I will not attempt to micro-manage or interfere with the management of Seeds of Grace or the performance of any Seeds of Grace contractors. 

• I will always act within the scope of my authority as a director/officer and in the best interests of Seeds of Grace. 

• I understand that no officer or director has any authority to act independently and that all Board member responsibilities are a direct result of the approval of the Board. 

• I will not make public statements without the express authority of the Board. 

• I recognize that I am a fiduciary on behalf of all contributors, sponsors and missionaries, and in all decision-making by the Board I will attempt to use sound business judgment. 

• I will be sensitive to individual differences, respectful of dissenting opinions and cooperative in implementing the will of the majority of the Board. 

• I will at all times make a full disclosure of any potential conflict of interest, refrain or abstain from voting on any issues that I have a direct economical benefit and at all times avoid even the appearance of impropriety. 

In the event that I cannot faithfully fulfill my duties as a director or officer, I shall submit my resignation from the Board. In the event I violate any of these provisions of my oath of office, I understand that I can be suspended or removed from my duties as a director and/or officer.


Spoken Oath: 

I (Your Name), agree to uphold the mission of Seeds of Grace to the best of my ability, when doing all business associated with and in representation of Seeds of Grace.  I will adhere to the bylaws as they are filed with the Secretary of State for the State of Washington.  I will adhere to the Board Member’s Oath, and all of the promises set forth therein.