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Vendor Agreement and Waiver
General Terms To Vendor Contract Although only one vendor registration per brand name will be accepted, there will be some overlap in the merchandise of handcrafting vendors. Seeds of Grace and the Bazaar Committee will make every effort to be discerning when assigning spaces to vendors offering similar items for sale, keeping them distanced and in different sections of the map as much as possible. 1.1 Payment Terms: Failure of Vendor to make full payment by the payment due date (within 48 hours of receiving invoice) shall entitle SEEDS OF GRACE at its option to cancel this Agreement without notice and Vendor shall remain liable for any unpaid balance. A $25.00 charge will be assessed for any check returned by the bank and all other fees for a returned check will be charged to the Vendor. All out of county Vendors must pay for Vendor Space with cash, cashier's check, or major credit card. Once you submit this form, your application will be reviewed and upon approval, you will receive an invoice for your choices and a secure link to make payment for your choices. 1.2 Raffle Donation: Each vendor commits to donating 2 items (one per event day) with a value of at least $15 to the event raffle and will present their donation at check in. Check-in will be delayed until items are presented. 1.3 Pre-Event Marketing: Vendor agrees to help market the event by: a) Sending out 100 invitations to their clients in a 60 mile radius of the event venue, b) Hanging event fliers on at least 15 bulletin boards in your community, c) Sharing the event as it is advertised by Seeds of Grace through Facebook, twitter and Instagram on your own pages, respectively at least once per week. 1.4 Set-Up: (a) Friday Evening Set Up: Vendor's Display may be set up the evening prior to the first day of the event (Friday). All vendors who opt-in for Friday set-up will be given a discount on their NEXT Seeds of Grace Bazaar Registration. Friday Evening Set Up commences the Friday evening just prior to the first day of the event at 5:00 PM, and all Vendors will secure their space and exit the building by 8:00 PM, regardless of the progress or completion of their space and display. (b) Saturday Morning Set Up: Vendors who opt to set up their space on Saturday, the first day of the event, may access the venue at 7:00 AM and must be fully set up by 9:45 AM. 1.5 Dismantling & Removal: Vendor's Display tear down shall not commence and shall not be removed until closing on the final date of the Bazaar, and must be removed from the Facility and outside grounds by the 7:00 PM Sunday of the event weekend. 1.6 Venue Access: Vendors will be admitted to the Facility one (1) hour prior to the Bazaar Hours on day two of the Bazaar. 1.7 Vendor Space: All interior exhibit Space consists of 10 foot by 10 foot Units unless otherwise noted on the floor plan. An 8 foot display table and two (2) chairs are provided; additional are provided for a fee when requested on the Vendor order form. A general description of the booth and display components is included in this registration and will accurately describe the space. Standard booth configuration will not extend past the boundary marks (unless vendor purchases additional space). Display may not include a covered canopy, however an open canopy frame may be used as a part of the exhibit, so long as it does not encroach on another space or walkway. The height of Vendor's display will not exceed 9 (nine) feet. Any Vendor's Space which does not conform to the construction specifications and/or the electrical requirements will require review and approval by the SEEDS OF GRACE Bazaar Committee (the "Committee"). Excess electrical usage may result in SEEDS OF GRACE turning off electrical devices in Vendor Space(s). All Spaces are subject to availability and final assignment by the Committee. 1.8 Vendor Parking: During the Bazaar Hours, Vendors and their personnel must park all vehicles in parking areas designated by the Committee for Vendor parking. Vendors shall not park in the parking lot in front of the or in President’s Hall the parking lot south of the President’s Hall. Refer to designated areas for Vendor vehicles, trucks, trailers and RV parking in Vendor Bulletin Packet-Vendor Parking Requirements. 1.9 Oversize Displays: The aisles, passageways and overhead spaces remain under the control of SEEDS OF GRACE, and no signs, decorations, banners, advertising matter or exhibits will be permitted in those areas except by written permission of the Committee. 1.10 Exposed Surfaces: All exposed surfaces of any display that face another Vendor's space must be finished in a tasteful manner so as it will not distract from the other Vendor's display. It is the responsibility of each Vendor to finish their own surfaces. Vendor's exposed surfaces will be covered with non-advertising text or graphics. 1.11 Name tags: Each Vendor will be furnished with 6 name tags. Name tags will be required for entry to the Facility during the Bazaar. Additional name tags may be purchased as set forth in the Vendor order form. Each name tag request must include the full name of the individual who will be using it and working in Vendor's Space. 1.12 Vendor Conduct: All Vendors and their personnel must remain within the confines of their own Spaces and no Vendor will be permitted to erect signs or display products obstructing the view, occasion injury or disadvantageously affect the display of other Vendors. All demonstrations and distribution of circulars and promotional material must be confined to the limits of the Vendor's booth. Exhibits which include the operation of musical equipment or instruments, radios, sound motion picture equipment, public address systems, or any noise making machines must be operated so that the noise resulting therefrom will not annoy or disturb adjacent Vendors and their patrons, and must be approved by the Committee. 1.13 Other Vendor Requirements and Agreements: Vendors are required to have their exhibit Space neat and orderly at all times. An attendant must remain within Vendor's space during all Bazaar Hours. No Vendor shall provide to the public any food or beverages without the written permission of the Committee and all appropriate licensure. All personnel shall conduct themselves in a professional manner and shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Excluding certified trained service dogs, no pets shall be permitted within the Facility. 1.14 Booth Occupancy: Vendor's Space is to be used solely by Vendor for one business and no portion can be sublet or assigned without the prior written permission of the Committee. If Vendor has additional business, they must register a separate space for that business. Vendor may request two spaces, utilizing their second-space discount for the second business however business must still be registered separately. Vendor shall forfeit its right to the Space, all prepaid rentals and upon demand, shall pay any unpaid fees owing to SEEDS OF GRACE if it fails to occupy or use its Space or to have its exhibit completed and in place by 9:45 AM on the first day of the Bazaar. 1.15 Material Delivery: No materials or merchandise may be delivered to the Facility until the earliest Set-up Date. All shipments must be prepaid. The shipping address is Kitsap Sun President’s Hall, 1200 NW Fairgrounds Road, Bremerton, Washington 98311. 1.16 Special Requirements for President’s Hall: Vendors must comply with County and SEEDS OF GRACE requirements to protect the flooring in the President’s Hall. 1.17 Licenses: Any and all County State or Federal Licenses, inspections or permits required by law of any Vendor in the installation of or operation of its display shall be obtained by the Vendor at its own expense prior to the opening of the Bazaar. 1.18 Cancellation of Contract: If this agreement is canceled by Vendor for any reason, or by SEEDS OF GRACE because of a Vendor's default or violation of this agreement, monies paid to SEEDS OF GRACE by Vendor shall be retained as follows: If cancellation occurs 45 days or more before the start of the show, SEEDS OF GRACE shall retain 50% of the total rental cost of the Space (s) and return the balance to the Vendor. If cancellation occurs within 45 days of the show, the entire rental paid to date by Vendor shall be retained by SEEDS OF GRACE. The retained rental shall be liquidated damages for the direct and indirect costs incurred by SEEDS OF GRACE for organizing, marketing, setting up and providing space for the Vendor, and losses and additional expenses caused by the Vendor's withdrawal including re-renting the Space. All cancellations must be in writing and may be submitted via email. 1.19 Rights of SEEDS OF GRACE in Event Bazaar is Not Held: SEEDS OF GRACE shall not be liable for any damages or expense incurred by Vendor in the event the Bazaar is delayed, interrupted or cancelled; if for any reason beyond the reasonable control of SEEDS OF GRACE the Bazaar is cancelled or delayed, SEEDS OF GRACE may retain so much of the fees paid by Vendor as is necessary to defray the expenses already incurred by the SEEDS OF GRACE. 1.20 Security for Rental: Failure of the Vendor to pay rental as specified herein shall entitle SEEDS OF GRACE to take possession of all merchandise, materials and exhibits displayed by Vendor and retain the same as security for such unpaid rental. SEEDS OF GRACE shall have the right to dispose of same without notice to Vendor in such manner as it deems appropriate whether by sale or otherwise. Any sale proceeds shall be retained by SEEDS OF GRACE in payment of expenses incurred in disposing of any property and in payment of unpaid rental. 1.21 Care, Use, and Maintenance of Space: Vendor agrees to use the space within the Facility for the sole and exclusive purpose of participating in the Bazaar by displaying the Exhibit(s) described above within the confines of Vendor' s Space during the Bazaar Date(s) and Times. 1.22 Indemnification: The Vendor shall save, defend, indemnify and hold SEEDS OF GRACE, the Committee, Kitsap County and their respective Directors, Officers, Members, Commissioners, Employees , Agents and Volunteers (the "Indemnified Parties") harmless for and from all claims, demands, causes of action, liability and damages, including attorneys fees (collectively "Claims") arising from or related to (i) any act or neglect of Vendor and/or its agents, officers, and personnel; (ii) Vendor's display, sale, or disposition of any goods, merchandise, products or services including specifically claims arising from or relating to any defects or claimed defects associated therewith; and (iii) claims asserted by Vendor's own employees or personnel. Vendor specifically waives and with respect to the Indemnified Parties only, any immunity under the Worker's Compensation Act, Title 51 RCW. 1.23 Limitation of Liability: SEEDS OF GRACE and all Indemnified Parties shall have no liability to Vendor or Vendor's employees or customers from any cause whatsoever. Vendor assumes all risk of loss for damage to or loss of Vendor's personal property from theft, vandalism, and all other casualties and/or perils. 1.24 SEEDS OF GRACE's Reserved Rights: SEEDS OF GRACE reserves the right to remove any personnel who fail to comply with any of the terms set forth in this Agreement. In the event a Vendor's display is not "show ready" by 9:45 on the first day of the Bazaar, a Vendor's Display is not dismantled and fully removed from the Facility and grounds by the Termination Date and Time, an Exhibitor's booth is not staffed during all Bazaar Hours, or a Vendor otherwise fails to comply with the terms of this Agreement, SEEDS OF GRACE reserves the right to retain all of fees paid by Vendor, remove Vendor's Display and all personal property of Vendor and its personnel on or about the Facility re-let the Space to another Vendor (without any duty to do so), and assess Vendor with a fee of $100.00, together with any actual costs, fees or damages incurred by SEEDS OF GRACE, all without prejudicing SEEDS OF GRACE's right to pursue any remedies available under the laws of the State of Washington. 1.25 Disputes: In the event any dispute arises between the parties, venue and jurisdiction shall lie exclusively in the State courts for Kit sap County an,d if demanded by SEEDS OF GRACE, all such disputes shall be resolved by means of Binding Arbitration pursuant to Chapter 7.04 RCW. In the event any action is instituted, including an arbitration proceeding or appeal, the substantially prevailing party shall be awarded its costs and attorney fees. 1.26 Complete Agreement: This agreement contains all the terms and conditions agreed on by the parties hereto, and no other agreements, oral or otherwise, regarding the subject matter of this contract shall be deemed to exist or to bind any of the parties hereto. Because space is limited, please submit this form and make your payment at your nearest convenience. There will be no identical vendors. Vendors will be chosen on a first come, first served basis and any duplicate vendors will be waitlisted in the order their applications were received. If we don't receive your payment within 24 hours of the timestamp on the email of your invoice, your space will be released to the next vendor in line. Your invoice will reflect any discounts you are entitled to receive.
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