Humble Thanks For Your Gifts!

Humble is the only word I can use to describe how I feel about the gifts that were given to Seeds of Grace as part of a GREAT effort to boost the coffers of nonprofits all around Kitsap County. WE are so blessed to have a community that supports us the way you do!

Our totals are not fully in - we don’t have the matching funds yet from Kitsap Community Foundation, but what our donors have done, is nothing short of miraculous, and the matching funds that will come to us because you chose to give is truly a blessing! For that, I would like to thank EVERY person who donated to ANY local nonprofit through the Kitsap Great Give!

Seeds of Grace was blessed with a grand total of $3,990 given over the past 24 hours.

That amount includes online and offline gifts through the Kitsap Great Give website, as well as gifts given through our Seeds of Grace page.

The gifts are from people located all over the US! We had a total of 111 donations - 5 of which were anonymously given. This tells me that we are making a difference - planting seeds in more than just the ground! Your gifts are instrumental in the growth of this organization, so that we can feed more Sheep!

I would like to personally thank each of you here!

Patricia Peterson • Keith Knowlton • Amy Jackson • Robert Johnson • Darrin Franke • Merile Montgomery • Stephen Vittori • Jeanette Berry • Mandy Dormaier • Joseph Del Grosso • Brad and Rose NORBERG • Lanette Bowling • Daphne Lee-Larson • Alicia Brose • Julian Kohlbrand • Julie Cooper • Toni Woodford • Adam Simmons • Kim Aiello • Sofia Rossoff • Karen Salley • Kim Gary • Jake Parks • Wendy Stanley • KristiAnn Stecker • Richard Thorp • Richard Huddy • Theresa Mills • Gayle Helseth-Kenison & Michael Kenison • Stephen & Deborah Hill • Mercedes Reed

THANK YOU to each and every one of you! And THANK YOU Anonymous!

I would like to also thank every business, organization and philanthropist for your gift of matching funds! Your gifts to our community are appreciated, and we are so grateful for your partnership and investment!


Karole Lee Johnson, Executive Director

Seeds of Grace; building sustainable, organic gardens in impoverished neighborhoods around the world to feed God’s Sheep

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