Is It a Blessing, or is It a Curse? 

Our new building could be considered both, but not if we look at it from a faith perspective.

We received this gift, which likely you’ve heard mention of before (if not click here to find out more). As you can imagine, the past few weeks have been wrought with planning, site visits, moving (some of our stuff), cleaning and of course planting.



 So far we have made some marked progress. We have had a couple of meetings, our team assigned a building Superintendent for the property, as well as a mural designer, and have already rented it out for a party! We have a list of things to do as long as my arm, which includes things like reroofing the building, installing a new heating system, pulling up the flooring, repainting inside-and-out, renovating the kitchen and removing a dying 180’  Douglas Fir tree.

So, this amazing gift, as free as it was, will cost us a lot of money, volunteer hours, prayers, and likely even some headaches. What do you call a gift like that? I mean, here we have this amazing building on a half-acre, yet it will cost thousands of dollars to bring it to a useable standard!

Here’s what we do: 

Have you ever seen the movie, Faith Like Potatoes? It’s a great movie, filmed in Australia about, well, you guessed it, faith. Anyway, at some point in the movie, someone tells this faithless farmer a story and it goes like this: 

“Once there were these two farmers, who had land right next to each other. There had been a drought in the land, and they both prayed incessantly for rain. The farmer to the left knelt down, fell prostrate, called upon the Holy Spirit, rocked back and forth all day long day in, and day out, praying for rain. The farmer to the right prayed while he plowed his field. He prayed while he hoed the rows. He prayed while he planted the seeds. He prayed every night after he worked and every morning before he went out there again. God answered both of the prayers, for it rained! But who’s field produced food for the farmer?”


We will pray for rain while we prepare our field. That is to say, we will continue to do the work we can do that doesn’t require a permit, and we will build events to raise funds and we will procure materials right and left, because when the time comes for God to answer our prayer, we believe his bountiful blessings will absolutely overwhelm us.

 He will make it possible to run all of our operations out of this new location, while we also create an educational resource for our community. You see, not only will the grounds incorporate permaculture growth of Pacific Northwest native plants, but that permaculture food-forest will be a classroom for local students participating in our Garden Gnome Junior program. This program will teach aguaponics, classic gardening, nutrition, biology, and chemistry components, permaculture, composting, sustainability and service. The students will opt into this after-school program and will be inspired by, not only those who teach the classes but by each other as they mentor and serve one another. The time God is giving us to do all of the necessary renovations can be taken to fine-tune our curriculum, bring in teachers and create a program that kids will strive to be a part of.

You will see a wonderful mini-campus that is sustainable in itself, serves many purposes in the community, yet is an educational resource for local students. We believe that God will not forsake us by preventing these things from happening. He will provide the money, the volunteers, materials, and time. He has great plans for this building and it will produce a great bounty of glory for Him. 

There are several ways YOU can help. We have these values that we live by: Learn, Give, Pray, Share, Join. 

  • LEARN: Swing in when you are driving by if you see we are there or stop by one of our many events - learn more about what we are doing and how we plan to accomplish it
  • GIVE: Help us by donating to this cause
  • PRAY: Ask God's blessing on this ministry
  • SHARE: Help us to disseminate the information about our programs and raise awareness about what we do.
  • JOIN: Come! Walk alongside us on this journey! Help us build the programs within the renovated building!

These are the things I pray for so that when He brings the blessing of rain, we will be ready.

Karole JohnsonComment