Stewardship Beyond Minas

The New Year is upon us – in fact, we are 1/26th through it already!!! WHAT?!?! How can that be? This causes me a little stress, when I think about it. I mean, time is a resource, right? It is no less a resource than money. And if I am not a good steward of the time God has allotted me to do the work He has given me to do, is that no less impactful to the Mission He has me on than if I were to blatantly waste the money He blesses us with?

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Over the past several years, God has been calling me to simplify. I think every time I make a (what seems to me to be a) huge change and I feel so accomplished because if it, in a few short weeks, God is challenging me again to let something else go – to create a new habit or break an old one – to reduce my possessions, get rid of my smartphone, or any other kind of intentional action that is designed to create space and time all to worship him at a greater level.

Simplify. I am not sure when it started exactly; before Seeds of Grace for sure. In my personal life, He led me to seek out simpler pleasures – I don’t need the flashy, tourist lifestyle when I travel, I am truly satisfied to be in the culture, spend time with friends and family away from all the bells and whistles. This has served me well when I have travelled abroad for Seeds of Grace.  Anything from meal prep to household décor – minimalist for sure.

And now, as I walk in the midst of my Seeds of Grace day, I find this 1/26th portion of the year that has already passed me by, has taken with it some unrecoverable time; time that could be considered wasted – I am convicted of this daily. Realizing that I only have 25 more of these sections left, it truly causes me to re-think my call to simplify. As much as I am proud of the work I have done, I have so much more to do. As overwhelming as the year ahead is, I also realize I can only do so much!

We are a growing organization – we are thriving in some areas, struggling in others. We could do so much more in 2018 if we had more hands – specialized positions need to be filled ranging from board member, to garden weeder – from admin team to committee chairs – and  EVERYTHING in between. Would you be interested in helping us to reach our goals this year? Would you please join us and help us to better stewards of the time we have been given as it is a resource?

Please click HERE to take a look at all of the opportunities to serve.

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