The Way God Turns It All Around

You know about spiritual warfare… I know you have experienced some form of it. All my life, I have, and for most of my life, the evil one has succeeded in pulling me away from the Lord through my lack of faith… But lately, I am being tested more, in ways that I could not comprehend – in years past anyway… I mean, I would have never chalked it up to being tested by the lord, or tempted (and falling to that temptation) by satan, (no I will not capitalize that name). I simply would have called it Karma, or fate or some other “spiritual” attributive nomenclature.

But spiritual warfare exists. And the entity that declares it has been pretty busy with me lately – some categorically outrageous happenings (a car accident I was in, a parasite I was infected with and a rare tropical disease that invaded my body) to some truly benign and even comical (yes, I laugh at your failure, satan!) interruptions in my day, all keenly designed to detract from the work that God is not only doing in me, but also through me with Seeds of Grace!

The antics are disguised as something seemingly benign when taken individually, but as a whole, they could sideline many facets of this organization – even this whole organization! For instance, there were a couple of grants and gifts that I was sure Seeds of Grace would receive that we did not… and I honestly thought that the future of our organization depended upon them! Moreover, when they did not come through, I was crushed – almost taking personally, the denial of funding! Nevertheless, God came through in ways that were completely dissimilar to what I expected; there is simply no way I could have seen this result!

I found humor at the end of my day today, as I looked back through it and saw the many ways that the evil one tried to derail the work we are doing – because just as the problem came to being, God’s solution was right there! To start, we received a call from our soil supplier that they were unable to screen our organic soil due to all the recent rain… No soil for a garden build… That’s bad… But THEN I got a call from the lumber supplier that all their trucks were broken down, and would not be able to deliver our lumber until next week! No lumber to build the raised beds… That’s bad…. And finally I received a call from the team lead, saying that she needed a root canal – No lead to run the build…. That’s BAD!!!

I’m not going to lie… at this point, my blood pressure was a little bit elevated… just a little bit – but after putting out the word on social media, then calling my husband (who “happened” to have a day off for doctor’s appointments) and connecting with others in this amazing circle of beautiful givers, God has surrounded me with, EVERY SINGLE ISSUE DISIPATED!  Seriously! You can’t make this stuff up! And it happens ALL the time!!! The garden build will happen just as planned and I imagine satan as the cartoon villain, snapping his fingers saying, “dagnabbit! Foiled again!”

I have come to accept it as a way of life – God’s miracles… I am not complacent, by any stretch of the imagination – I just KNOW His faithfulness – I know He will ALWAYS come through! It isn’t really a question of MY faith… It is that He has established this record of dependability in and throughout every aspect of my life, but especially when it comes to Seeds of Grace and our garden builds… NOTHING satan can do will stop the Lord, when it is HIS will!

I’ve got my Full Armor of God: My helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, sword of the spirit, belt of truth, shoes of readiness and my shield of faith – I am ready for whatever satan has to throw at me, big or small… AND I am grateful – ever grateful for the blessing that this ministry brings me daily!

Karole JohnsonComment