Transparency in Leadership

You really don't know the damage you're doing by not being transparent

As the founder of a faith based organization, I am held (by my own values) to a certain standard of transparency. I don’t hold other organizations to these standards, however, I do sometimes have to ask the Lord’s forgiveness for judging those organizations for their lack of transparency.  And yet, I think even more important than the transparency of the actual organization, is the need for transparency of that organization’s leadership.

That’s it… I think…. Maybe. I want to share with you all that I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I am accountable for my mistakes. I talk them over with my board, and anyone else who may have been affected by my error, and I do my best to rectify it, as soon as possible.

All of this simply adds to my frustration; the lack of accountability of other individuals, who have said or done things which have directly affected or had the potential to negatively affect this ministry. I’m not going to lie… it really makes me mad! Couple this with personal attacks on my character – which honestly affect me less than what they might for most people, but when those attacks have an effect on this ministry – I believe my anger is righteously justified.

I have never hidden that I am a young Christian. Only 4-1/2 years since my baptism – only 4 years since God laid this ministry on my heart.  I can’t outrun the brokenness that I lived in up to that point. My personal struggle is real, as I learn how to relieve myself of the anguishing guilt of every mistake that has run through my head over and over, even as I give it to my Savior, and receive His Grace.  Which doesn’t mean I still don’t live in brokenness… I am a sinner, and I struggle daily with sin!

What we don’t need is the leadership of other NPOs (churches and otherwise) in the area, tossing around untruths about me, or Seeds of Grace. Especially individuals of faith-based organizations. I am still very young in my walk with the Lord, that my brash boldness sometimes gets me into trouble. But I have no qualms stepping in front of a rude, steam-rolling and foul-mouthed attack to defend this ministry, that God gave me personally, with every last breath.

Here’s a thought…. How about we walk together, doing what it is that we do best – you know, that gift that God gave YOU, and that He gave ME, and then more of the people that HE actually wants us to help will get help, and less of them will fall through the cracks! 

I have been warned about people with less than pure intentions. I honestly didn’t give any credence to these warnings! Why would anyone want to stand in the way of feeding hungry people? But those people can’t stand the idea that someone whom they perceive as not having the “right” kind of relationship with “their god” could be successfully fulfilling the requirements of the mission that God laid on their heart.

I don’t know about being successful – but I do know that people who didn’t have fresh vegetables and fruit yesterday, have them today. I also know that hundreds of people are given an opportunity to give to their community in ways they have never imagined.

I am just putting this out there – I am not scared by much. My past life – the one before I knew Jesus as my Lord and Savior gave me experiences most people could probably only dream of in their worst nightmares. I’m pretty sure that the Lord allowed me those experiences so that I could face these attacks today. I’m not backing down. I will continue to obey the Lord and the work He has me doing, and He justifies me by continually growing Seeds of Grace. It is so much bigger than you know…


Karole JohnsonComment