It Only Takes On Person, Doing One Thing

We just walked through a really long and difficult process as a country in this recent election and I have seen so many of my friends divided and even watched as their relationship dissolved in a mass of unforgiving, graceless opinion, that in the end changed no one’s mind. I am so sorry to see that. I have certainly had my opinions about the outcome of the election – and I’m not going to lie – I have some fears.
I wonder what it would look like if we set aside our fear. The fact is, we are all in this together. And political opinions that differ are no reason for us, as individuals to stop doing the work we have been called to do…
This is a critical time where we will be called upon to help each other like we (the generation after the baby-boomers) have not done before. Social services, on the cusp of being cut drastically, will create a greater need for those of us who can, to step up and do what we can. Human Services programs will require the help of the private sector to keep running, and those organizations that bless with teaching how to sustain one’s own welfare while providing the necessities, (food, shelter) are the organizations that will make the greatest impact in the coming economy. This is not a fear tactic… it is simply reality. There will be people hurting… in a way they have never hurt before.
And now enter Seeds of Grace. We are at the cusp of beginning a new year of operation – April will mark the 4th year since God laid this ministry on my heart! WOW! 4 YEARS! In case anyone forgot that story, you can read it HERE. My point is, that so much has happened – truly not because of my hands, but this has become a movement in our community! This movement has been embraced by some and completely shunned by others… As it grows, I see a fear in many, of its progress.
This is a grassroots movement. People either fear these movements or they embrace them. Fearing them is mainly bred of the fact that they can’t control their direction. This is typically the basis for the fear of anything… It is the reason so many people are upset and angry about this recent election – they fear what they (or their political party) can’t control.
The thing is… Nothing has really changed. There are still hungry people. We are still living in a broken world, depleting resources in a way that affects every human in it. We are still in need of each other as individuals! We can’t count on the government to take care of us – no! Our job is to care for each other as much as we can, with the gifts with which we have been blessed – using them for a purpose greater than ourselves.
I am hoping to get you involved in a community movement that I think you will want to be a part of. We help educate people as to the benefit of healthy eating, while providing food banks, soup kitchens and school back pack programs with fresh, organically and sustainably grown produce. We are completely volunteer run and funded by the community in a grass-roots manner.
I am just one in a group of Bremerton citizens volunteering for Seeds of Grace to re-build our existing gardens, or building new ones. We have a team member that offers gardening classes also. We have the aguaponics team, comprised of self-led students who will change the world.
We can be just like those kids. They know that each voice is worthy of being heard, but also that their actions speak so much louder than their voice ever will… Here’s what you can do to make a difference:
Make a $5 donation. Even just $5 will help! And if you feel this is a cause you could share in good conscience with your friends, ask them to give $5 too!
Share. If you like what we are doing, and can’t necessarily help, please give someone you know an opportunity to bless those in our community by sharing this email with them! They may not have heard of Seeds of Grace, and have been looking for a worthy organization to donate their money or time to.
Come alongside! Register to help with one of our many gardens this season! It only takes as much as you have the ability to give… But commitment is a must! Even if you only commit to one hour per week, we will count on you! Here’s where you will register:
Sign the petition! Make your voice heard in a positive way.
The efforts of the communities in this region have been rewarded with 11 gardens over the last three years, resulting in hundreds of pounds of produce for our friends and neighbors all over Pierce, Mason and Kitsap Counties. With our help, so many people in our neck of the woods will benefit from these gardens.
Can you please commit to helping us?
We thank you for your dedication to our community and to your neighbors as your help doubles our efforts to feed God's Sheep.

Karole JohnsonComment