A Phenomenal Inspiration Leads To Phenomenal Opportunities For Local Youth

I am constantly surprised at the direction that Seeds of Grace is being drawn by God. It is truly never-ending!  I don’t know if that speaks to my lack of faith, or the intensity with how deeply I am enamored by Him… but nonetheless, the daily miracles I am allowed to witness as He builds this organization to feed more and more of His Sheep truly humbles me… The sheer enormity of His reach – the vastness of His love – the depth of His plan… He is so much greater that we can know!

Over the last few months, I have really been feeling a strong pull by the Lord… It was a feeling that I recognized well – as it is that feeling I get, when God is telling me I am ready for something new… Let me tell you, with all the turmoil and frustration I have been experiencing over the last few months, I honestly and from the very depths of my soul, dreaded what it might be… And then again, upon further reflection, I wonder if that dread is the reason I could not achieve clarity until now…

Anyway – reflection, quiet time, long prayer, submission and asking God for wisdom in all areas of my life usually brings me to the place where I can hear Him… Where His plan overcomes mine and where I see the direction that I will turn, or the new branch of the vine that He is developing.  

This is how Seeds of Grace has grown from the get-go… You know the story; one garden was all it would be, as far as I was concerned.  One garden in Mexico.  And now look… 

I find that I continue to say that – “And now look”.  And next year, when God adds another facet into the mix, I will look back and say it again, year after year.

Well, He has added another program to His ministry… I have written about the aguaponics program that we will be installing behind the new office at the Seeds of Grace HQ, right? This new facet will be a sort of combination of what we are doing throughout the organization already – but with a twist… He is combining what students are doing in our gardens with how our gardens are sustainable due to the community’s commitment to volunteer with how the program works in Mazatlan.  He is creating a mentoring program that will not only teach students, aged 10 – High School Graduation, how to think freely, creatively and critically, but also how to solve problems that may range from an interpersonal conflict with a team member to project budget shortfalls and everything in between!  Oh goodness, I am super excited about this one!

I’d love to share more, but without board approval, I would be remiss in my duties as the Executive Director. That the program will be approved, I am sure – but the process is a process – and a process which requires protocol –should be routed through that protocol… SO I am not going to tell… But I will say that your kids will LOVE this opportunity.  And I will also say, keep your eyes peeled… if you are on Facebook, like our Seeds of Grace page… And be sure to encourage your children, your friends and your nieces/nephews or grandchildren to apply when the opportunity is publicized next week… WE ONLY HAVE ROOM FOR 5 STUDENTS.

In the meantime, God continues to open doors and bless lives – and we have yet to harvest one pound of produce so far this year!  Isn’t that amazing? How He plants the seeds in more than just the ground?