Pesky Mosquitoes in Mexico Give Me a Dengue Present

Lots of wonderful gifts came from this trip to Mexico! And among them was a notoriously ugly little virus, courtesy of a pesky little mosquito – YES, I’m talking about Dengue Fever!

I was just fine, flying home – with my detour through Tijuana to visit my gran~girl (which didn’t happen, by the way). I was a little tired when I arose to go to work the next day … and I simply attributed it to the long, arduous and very eventful week previous. 

But Wednesday morning, I woke up, came into the office and felt like I hit a wall – chills, fever, every joint aching, nauseous, and extremely drained.  I left work about 10 and went home and slept – for hours and hours I slept. I awoke around 4, went out to get a bite to eat and went directly back to bed, where I slept for the night. The next day, I awoke with a rash and my rings were cutting into my fingers… I could not move without hurting… but I tried to go to work nonetheless…. I made it until about 9 that day.

Friday I got online and did a bit of research… My on-the-phone nurse resource from my insurance company was less than useful for this disease, except to say exactly what Google says – and so my research led me to an Ayruvedic website for some remedies and perhaps a faster healing than the projected 7 – 28 days – give or take…

I ordered my potions (a bunch of dried and powdered herbs that I planned on mixing then steeping in a tea) through the site (Seeds of Grace may as well profit from my illness) and took advantage of the 1-day shipping offer they had. I received my potion ingredients on Saturday and immediately made a cup of tea.

It’s been two full days of tea and I can honestly say my symptoms are nearly gone. My rash disappeared yesterday. My rings went back on this morning… My fatigue is so much less. And I only have the stomach issues to deal with now… I plan on continuing this treatment for a few more days until I am completely back to normal, but I tell you what! This stuff did the trick!

Well, I really have to give credit where credit is due – I asked so many people to pray for me… Truly, if so many had not interceded on my behalf, I know I would still be so, so sick! But God is so good – and faithful – and able… And anything that made me well came from Him! He led me to the Ayruvedic website – when my brain was too foggy to even try to work on seeds of Grace stuff.

I have heard many say that this disease causes all manner of long-lasting side effects… Thus far, just a slowed rate of typing is all I can figure – but I am evaluating myself – and we all know how skewed those results can be. I am going to trust that God’s plan is for me to heal as completely as He needs me to heal in order to do the work He has for me to do… And I am going to thank YOU for your prayers! There really is so much to say for prayers! Truly! Thank you!

Karole JohnsonComment