A Significant Milestone

A Significant Milestone                    By Karole Lee Johnson

Our first ever Annual Meeting

Last week, the Board of Directors of Seeds of Grace celebrated a year of incorporation in the State of Washington as a nonprofit organization. This is a significant milestone for us as it not only marked that full year of business, but we also opened up our monthly board meeting for our first bona fide Annual Meeting.

This meeting was attended by the general public and was guided by one of our leadership team. Here's what I learned about our first year:

We are an imperfect organization who, by listening and being obedient to God, are somehow able to fulfill our mission of feeding His Sheep.  Our teams are filled with all kinds of wonderful, loving and kind souls who desire to help the hungry by using their gifts.  The gifts have run the gamut from prayer to financial and material donations to the giving of time, efforts and energy.   

And we have been great stewards of God's Blessings - in that over the past year 5 new local gardens have been built.  

This translates to hundreds and hundreds of pounds of delicious food.

I learned that without you - yes - EVERY person who takes a few moments to read this update, our mission would not be as far-reaching - the circulation of this newsletter spans from Taiwan to Canada - from Australia to Mexico and the more you share, the more hungry get fed.

Our team saw how instrumental your gifts are in feeding the hungry in our own neighborhoods, and we all became very excited when we started talking about next year - the plan and how we could reach out to more neighborhoods to build more gardens and feed more of God's Sheep.

We are growing because of you.  YOU are feeding God's Sheep!  For every $1 donated, we are feeding the hungry.  Each garden that is built by HOURS and HOURS of volunteers, feeds hundreds through programs that YOU fund with your donations - through food banks, soup kitchens, elderly and shut in programs and student backpack programs.  You are reaching more and more needy in your neighborhoods, because these gardens will produce healthy, fresh, chemical-free fruits and vegetables for years to come.  

This annual meeting brought together the Board of Directors to determine the direction of Seeds of Grace for the next year - based on what YOU have told us - on the feedback YOU have given.  So, we can all work together to bring gardens to your neighborhoods where they are most needed.  

We count on God to bring the people across our path to help us fulfill His mission: to build sustainable, organic gardens in impoverished neighborhoods around the world to feed His Sheep.  He is faithful, because He brought us YOU - and our board truly appreciates you.


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