Christmas - For You and For Me

Our dependence on on the light

When I think about the meaning of Christmas, of course I think about the birth of our Lord and the impact that has had on the world - I mean we are truly so blessed to have a God, who chose to become a man in order to walk through all of the temptation and pain experienced by every person in the existence of the world, just so He could take it with Him to the grave - but then leave it all THERE as He was resurrected - raised to life again to live among us and give us freedom from death. 

And there hasn't been a day pass since I received His loving Mercies, that I am not in awe of what that suffering must have been like before He was laid in the tomb. God's determination to save us all was not without doubt, fear and frustration - look at the way He simply accepted the betrayal of Judas and the faithlessness of Peter. The disappointment and doubt He must have felt at finding His disciples sleeping while He prayed the night before He was crucified.

But He knew through it all that those disciples would carry His Word into all the world - spreading His Gospel to a world without Hope. And those disciples would teach others in the same way that Jesus taught them, so that the movement He created grew exponentially. Through the ages (well, 2000 years anyway) Christianity has become the religion with the most followers - but I believe that God's Word has also been corrupted over the last two millennium.

The above graph shows that Christians will soon be the second largest religious group in the world. And I have a theory as to why - it is the way we have all corrupted the Word of the Lord to satisfy our own humanness. 

Just look at how we justify our lives and personal beliefs. I am not judging here - believe me, my intention is simply to offer my personal views. But when I see how we stand against any particular viewpoint, perspective, personal belief or way of life, we are not walking the way Jesus taught - we have lost the battle in the simplest of terms - because we consider it a battle.

You see, there are more and more people every day walking away from Christianity because of how Christians live. The "battle" we fight was never what Jesus intended. Christians put themselves up on a pedestal as their own shining example of how the rest of the world should live and we have gotten it backwards...

The light that shined that Christmas night so long ago was a beacon to draw close those innocent and lowly, humble and meek so they could see the Savior come as a baby. Those who were chosen by Jesus had no knowledge of His ministry, they were not scholars nor were they equipped to do what Jesus called them to - until He equipped them, that is.  The light that shined that Christmas night was an example for us. His example for us to shine with His love and the Hope that His birth, life, death and resurrection gives us.

Without that light - the one which shone so brightly two thousand plus years ago, we would not have the guiding principals to live by - the uncorrupted, simple laws through which every day should be framed - Love God and Love Each Other. Just love.

Love is the light that shines, drawing our friends, neighbors and strangers and enemies to Jesus. When we love, great things happen! People can see clearer because of the light you are shining! Jesus' light. We need that light in order to shine it ourselves.

We are just like that shining star - lighting the way to Jesus- just by loving the way He loved.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

Karole JohnsonComment