Mazatlán – The Place To Be

A week from Friday morning a team of 9 embark on another garden building adventur

This team is so excited to go and do God’s work in Mexico – with HIGH expectations of seeing what God will do, this team is beyond ready.  Our final preparations are being made, we have a list of materials ready for our arrival, and we will be getting to work as soon as we step off of the plane. What a grand adventure into God’s service!  What an exciting time for us to be in Mazatlán.

Those of us who are returning are looking forward to reconnecting with those friends who faithfully do God’s work while we are not there – who provide a place for the children of the feeding centers to eat a hot meal, receive the word of God and experience fellowship every day before school. 

These are the REAL heroes!  These are the inspiring ones – the ones who wake before the whole neighborhood to prepare the meal for anywhere from 50 – 100 children every single weekday!  These are families who set aside their time – their own lives every day, for the sake of their neighbor’s children. These are people whose love for the Lord is such a light shining in the midst of the darkness of poverty – these children see the face of Jesus in the hope that they are given by the feeding center teams.

The garden we will be building this year will be near the neighborhood, El Rincon, where God laid the mission of Seeds of Grace on my heart.  This region is called, Valle de Urías and there are many children there.  The garden will be placed directly between the home of the family who oversees the feeding center and the feeding center itself.  It was truly an opportunity from God when that piece of land opened up.

A lot of pre-prep will be done before we arrive – for instance, this trip will not include a fence build, and we may not have to do much dirt moving – this is good news and will allow us a little extra time that we can use to go out to the prison for the ministry there.  What we will be doing for sure will be building the shed right off the bat, stringing the cable, building the aguaponic systems and planting.  We will also be updating the garden at El Castillo.

What we are really looking forward to is serving the teams who served beside us a meal.  This is truly the most wonderful experience – to watch as they all relax and enjoy themselves while we do for them – after they have spent the whole past week-plus serving us and doing for us. 

We are looking forward to returning and sharing with EVERYONE about what God does in Mazatlán! Because we want to spread the word – to share and encourage others to follow their calling – whatever that means!  We want everyone to know that you do have a purpose – whether it is to learn, give, go, share or join – God is calling you to do something! But when it all comes down to the wire, He will provide the money, the people, the time and any other resource we need – THAT’S EXCITING!


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