God the Father is so amazing in His planning!  He has created an amazing system of partnerships all with the end result of feeding His Sheep.  This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a diversely gifted, but fully interconnected group of people who will all participate in the work that Seeds of Grace is doing, and let me tell you:  This scheme system is FANTASTIC!!!  Nothing could have been hatched by the most circular-thinking and brilliant human…. No movie can even compare to the absolute grandeur… and I know that I am only able to catch a mere glimpse of the minutest portion!  It is mind-boggling… and I will attempt to tell you what I do know… In a nutshell, that is.  Otherwise, we’d be reading for a couple of days!

So, as we have been planning the garden in Mazatlán,  we have said from the beginning that it will include tilapia at some point.  I personally have no real experience with any kind of fish-growing/ breeding system, and the more I talked with people, the more discouraged I had become.  I was told by several how expensive it would be.  I was told that we would need so much equipment.  I was told that the systems were difficult, and I was also told that if we wanted to do it, we would have to build a team on the ground to care for the system and they would have to be fully versed and well-trained in the whole process otherwise we were looking at massive failure and the loss of a lot of money.

I know God is faithful, but I began to think that the vision of fish and any kind of aguaponics was going to be out of our reach.  And then God gave me the vision:  More like a full on daydream of a tour.  I walked through these large white tanks that had metal frames.  I saw crudely made boxes, lined with plastic.  I saw them in rows and as I walked along them, I could smell the mustiness of the pond water, as it circulated through the system.  God showed me through every sense:  I plucked off the leaf of a basil plant and ate it.  I put my hand in the water and felt the warmth.  Every sense was stimulated… and I knew it was the plan He wanted me to pursue to feed His Sheep wonderful protein and fresh vegetables.

So when I started talking to people about the vision, and what I saw, I finally found encouragement through a friend, who said: “I know exactly what you are talking about… IBC tanks!”  IBC tanks… Well I looked them up on the internet and saw that indeed those were the item of my vision. I began the trek to seek out as many of these tanks as I could and see about acquiring them. Our Mexico partners in Mazatlán, Amistad Familiar de Sinaloa, specifically Mike, began the trek of looking for them.  We need to secure several for the build in November.

IBC Tank

Simultaneously, Mike had been working to secure the name of the non-profit organization in Mexico, the name of which had escaped him, but he had met one of their associates while he happened to be in Mazatlán, doing his discipleship training with YWAM.  Mauricio and Mike had discussed our garden project some months before and then they parted company without really exchanging contact information… So while Mike searched the internet for the organization that would help us, he was unsuccessful in finding the name… Until just about three weeks after God gave me the vision… Mike and I were Skyping about the upcoming build in preparation for it, and he told me to go to www.panesypeces.org.  (You too!) And as soon as I clicked on the link, the page opened up to a picture of exactly what God showed me in that vision!  I could almost SMELL the mustiness of the pond water!  It was beautiful!


I immediately made plans to fly to San Diego and ultimately Rosarito, on the Baja peninsula, so that the purveyor of this organization and I could discuss and plan what we needed at the El Castillo garden.  What an amazing man!  God took Bob out of the limelight of worldwide evangelism and told him to begin building these systems.  He had never done this before!!!  He had no experience with anything like it… But after 15 years, he has it down to the most economical and greatest yield using absolutely no chemicals that there could be.  The fish and plants are all grown completely organically and the maintenance is minimal! His system is so easy to replicate and he will guide us, sending his apprentice, Mauricio, for every step of the process!


Of course, the trip was wrought with a LOT of God-isms… What I call those little miracles that direct the rout and bring the plan together the way HE wants it, and off of the path that I might have been steering it… First I had left my drivers license at home… Couldn’t rent a car.  Kind of a big deal when my plan was to drive 50 or so miles from the airport and into Mexico… And I had planned my trip on Labor Day Weekend…. Kind of a big deal when I am looking for a hotel to stay in…. Also I had invited my granddaughter and her cousin who live near San Diego, to come with me… but staying with people who I had only met through the internet was something that their mommas had a hard time with (appropriately so).  And all of these things seemed to be catapulting my trip into the can… but God’s encouragement kept me going.  I learned all about the transit system in San Diego, and found my way by bus to my daughter-in-law’s home.  My gran~girls were able to join me.  We rode in a cab (for my first time) in Tijuana to Rosarito and were met there by Mauricio, whose knowledge and expertise will guide us in Mazatlán in November.  Although we had a seemingly wonderful place to stay for free… in a BIG home on the beach, thanks to Mauricio’s negotiations, God even redirected that, to blessing the gran~girls and I with a VERY comfortable room in the home of Mauricio’s family, where we were blessed to meet Filipe, Fay and their beautiful son, Mateo.  Through this family we met many, many other people who are all intricately woven into the fabric that God’s tapestry will become and I am completely in awe… AND excited to see what it will look like!

And that isn't even the BEST news...

Sweet Gran~girls on the boogy board scene.

Sweet Gran~girls on the boogy board scene.

We went to church on Sunday and my gran~girls, both of whom had watched the revelation of miracle after miracle happen all weekend, gave their life over and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior before the gathering started.  Their curiosity about Him and His great work got the best of them, and they began asking questions.  They both asked at the same time, "how do we accept Jesus as our Savior?  So, we said a prayer, they invited Him into their heart, and we celebrated at church, with a wonderful church!  We spent the rest of our time together in fellowship; them (at only 9 and 10 years of age) asking very well-thought out questions, and me, allowing God to give them the direction He needs them to go through me. 

My heart could not be more full.  My blessings could not be more grand!  My soul could not be more at peace with the knowledge that ALL of this… EVERY bit of it is His work, to be done and having been done with HIS timing, on His terms to complete His plan for His glory…. Feeding His Sheep.

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