Being a Good Steward


There are so many ways to be a good steward of God’s blessings.  I am being shown daily how I am not. 

Did you know that money… those minas… that denarius… the almighty dollar… that money is not the only blessing that we are NOT good stewards of?  Although there is plenty of abuse of that gift… lack of acknowledgment as to where it originates and who actually owns it.  That we as a nation tithe less than those in many third world countries is in itself evidence of what terrible stewards we are.  But like I said, it isn’t ALL about the money.

I have come to realize that blessings need to be recognized as blessings, regardless the form.  God told Moses that each of the Israelites needed to tithe a portion of their flock, their harvest and their money… He even requires a tithe of their time in the form of recognizing the Sabbath and keeping it holy.  He requires us to tithe the goodness He provides to us through our attitude, specifically toward our parents, the elders of our community and those in authority.

I personally have received the blessing of time through the people he has sent to me to take some of my burdens.  He has blessed me with volunteers who give their time which is just as valuable as the first tenth of an ephah of wheat or the two cents that the widow tithed at the tabernacle.  The question is not how much or what kind of blessing I receive… The question is, How did I use it?

This weekend I had the opportunity to host a rummage sale to benefit the gardens at El Castillo.  We had no real goal, but we knew we needed to make enough to build the tilapia tanks.  These tanks will house the fish that the children will eventually eat.  The rummage sale consisted of donations of goods received from so many people… Some I knew, but many I did not. The blessing of things to sell was straight from God. 

ALL of the money spent on these items was also from God.  However even when we are clear what God is doing with these blessings, there are some like Ananias who thought that getting a bargain was more important than blessing God’s ministry… I am not worried about them; I am sure God has that covered.  Nonetheless, God blessed Seeds of Grace with enough money to purchase 8 tilapia tanks.  He blessed me with help (that I hope I used well and in accordance with His will).  He is blessing children with fresh food from the gardens and tanks He is providing… His grace is amazing indeed.  He reminds me daily, "To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required".  Heavy... Challenging... Worth it!

Karole JohnsonComment