That ONE Thing….

Did you ever think, “if only I had that _______ thing”? (fill in the blank).  You would think that _____ thing will make you just the right amount of happy…

I have been searching for that thing my whole life… and believe it or not, I have never found it!  Well, to be honest, I may have found IT, but IT has not been the thing to bring me happiness as I thought it might.  Disappointing?  You bet your bottom dollar!

I have invested money and time.  I have followed the advice of professionals and of friends.  I have searched high and low for that final piece that will bring it all together, only to have it all fall apart like a Jenga tower.  ALMOST THERE!  DANGIT!

But really, I was never farther away from achieving that level of happiness than when I thought I was on the brink… You see, I have found that being happy doesn’t mean that the chores are all done, or the checkbook is balanced (and in the black).  Being happy doesn’t mean I have the perfect children or husband.  Being happy doesn’t mean that I am well-liked by everyone I meet (though even now, I can’t imagine why I would not be).  Being happy does not mean that my task list is empty and it does not mean that I have created a perfect existence…

I have found that being happy directly relates to my ability to be grateful for what I do have… right this moment.  The catch-all counter-top that is tucked away in the nook that guests only see if they have to use the restroom… the disorganized way I try to organize… the way my dog, Sam looks at me when I give him some loves, among so many other things… I have found that gratefulness is an overreaching attitude that positively affects the way the whole day goes.  When I awaken grateful, more reasons to be grateful are brought to the forefront of my day.

But grateful to whom?  Am I grateful to myself?  To my husband? Daughter, or friends?  Well that question is answered easily with “yes, and…”  I am so grateful that God has blessed me with these insights.  He has walked me through some really crazy times… choices that I have made that have surely turned the faces of others away… but never Him.  I have learned by His example that grace is not something to be earned by each of us, but it is ours… not by right, but by and through love.  Grace covers me, and causes a gratefulness in my heart that covers everything around me… even when I am cleaning Sam’s poop from the back yard, because it reminds me that God blessed me with SAM!

So receive the grace that is yours to claim.  Receive it so that you too can truly feel the gratefulness that will come with it and pass it on to all those around you. OH…. And receive my gratefulness that you have read my post today.

God Bless -

Karole JohnsonComment