His Hands

I am so humbled by all the work that God is doing with Seeds of Grace.  His love for the children who will benefit from the wondrous harvest is so evident in the way he is opening doors for us to build gardens.  It is more of the “Magic Carpet that I hold on for dear life to”….

I wasted precious time on the road trip I took to Alaska, but didn’t make it all the way.  Although God’s blessings on that trip were evident:  He allowed me to see several bear, a few goats and some foxes but I did not see any moose, caribou or elk.  I didn’t catch any fish.  I really wanted to catch a fish.

Wasted time, because I could have accomplished so much more if I had been home.  There is always so much to do!  Websites to stay on top of (can ANYONE HELP ME???), bylaws and statements of faith to write, events to plan, bookkeeper to find… the list is long and sometimes overwhelming.  But a joyful task it is! 

God has taken Seeds of Grace from a scrawny roma tomato plant on the side of a dusty road to where it is now!  He has built a couple of gardens, has many more in the works.  He has curriculum for children.  He has events that will take place.  He has us serving those children in Mexico and He has us serving those children right in our own back yard…

His plan is so much bigger than we know, and His encouragement to dream big, ask bold because we can’t dream as big as He plans and His plan is BIG!!!  Circular, I know… But that’s how God is, really!

When I find myself hearing what God says, and DOING what He asks, I am somehow rewarded… now, those rewards may not be what are expected, but they are always good.  Because God is so good!  So whatever He lays in front of me, I rejoice for the opportunity to bring His glory.  So He keeps ahold of my hand and it feels less like I am holding on for dear life… but I have reassurance that He is holding onto me… He won’t let me go. 

Karole JohnsonComment