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Well, here it is; the blog I have been promising.  And this one will be the first of many.  It will include some updates of what we have done over the past year... in case you don't have Facebook.... and it will also serve as a simple reminder of some of the events that are coming up which we are very excited about.

First things first, though.  I would like to acknowledge all the volunteers who have made such a big difference in the lives of many people in many ways.  If not for all those who are committed to God's Mission through Seeds of Grace, we would be nowhere near where we are now!  We have utilized amazing fundraising techniques, built two gardens; one in Mazatlán and one in Bremerton, and we are well on our way to becoming our own nonprofit entity.  God is good... ALL the time.

If you have been watching, you will have noticed the hard work and many hands that were required to complete the garden at El Castillo.  We went full throttle in November and raised enough funds to purchase the property, complete the pre-build process and buy all the supplies to install phase one of that garden.  phase two will be completed this November and we are building the team!  Do you want to go to Mexico??? 

We finished our first garden locally.... Bremerton's Lulu D. Haddon Park is now the location from which we hope to harvest loads of fresh vegetables to benefit the Bremerton Foodline.  We were actually quite humbled when the Kitsap Sun published an article about the event.

This September, Seeds of Grace will be launching into the Christian Life Center school with a curriculum that is currently being built in partnership with some community members, Seeds of Grace and CLC School.  Another wonderful opportunity to plant God's seed in the hearts of children.  This is so much bigger than I could have ever dreamt.  But then again, one of God's consistent message throughout the whole process has been, "Karole, don't think you know how big this is... because it's much bigger than you know."

We will be formally succeeding from the umbrella of the nonprofit, Go on the Mission soon, and so we have been building a Board of Directors.  This has been an amazing adventure!  I know that God has simply "BROUGHT" these people to Seeds of Grace.  They are PERFECT for the job and I have the fullest confidence that His grace and direction will be at the center of every board meeting.  It is HIS will we are after!

Well, don't want to bore you to death, but I will be writing frequently.  As the Leader without a Title for Seeds of Grace, I get to see so many aspects of how God's love is covering us. 

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