New Program announced for students


Seeds of Grace is looking for highly-motivated students, aged 10 – High School Graduation. Only 5 applicants will be selected to participate in this program.  Application to the program will only be accepted in person at the Seeds of Grace HQ on May 2, 2014 at 6:00 PM. If you are not present, you cannot be considered for enrollment into this program.

Please read through the complete document and click the link to apply.

Program Overview

No more than 5 (five) students will work together to design and build an aguaponics system that will be installed at the Seeds of Grace HQ.  The produce from this system will be used to feed the guests who attend the New Day Ministry Thursday Evening Meal.

The students will be doing all the work themselves with little input and direction, but under the supervision of the director; however, they will receive encouragement to seek out alternatives and solve problems by thinking outside the box, trial and error and developing their resources.

The students will be encouraged to seek the advice of each other.  They will learn to mentor each other.  They will learn to solve interpersonal conflict as well as celebrate each other’s successes and achievements. 

They will be encouraged to look at their project as a big picture, with many facets – more like a business that they will run, as they will operate within the constraints of a budget while also developing ways to help sustain it – creating an income source.

They will learn about these systems through research which could include the internet, personal interviews and/or tours of existing or similar systems.

Students will have access to a computer and printer, programs and a few experts who will come and chat with them.

Time Commitment

Students will only be accepted if they can commit to at least one full year of meeting every other week for about 2 – ½ hours. As it is important that a camaraderie is developed for this team, they must not miss more than 3 meetings.  Exceptions will be made for emergencies, however because of the small size of the team and the expediency required for the project’s completion, the team will be expected to schedule other events around these meetings. Please do not apply if you cannot commit to the time requirements. 

Each team member will be an integral cog in the wheel of this project, which necessitates the dedication and commitment to the time requirements.

The team will, in its normal course of business establish their meeting schedule, and reevaluate that quarterly, accommodating the changing schedules of students in school or who play sports.

Students must maintain parent-acceptable grades in their scholastic studies.

Applications will be accepted only yearly, to replace those students who are opting out after they fulfill their obligation, or ageing out of the program.

Program Benefits

Students will develop and increase their proficiency in a variety of areas:

·        Interpersonal skills

·        Mechanical skills

·        Engineering skills

·        Project supervision skills

·        Personal responsibility

·        Different methods of research

·        Time management

·        Marketing

·        Bookkeeping

·        Olericulture (the study of vegetable growing)

·        Sustainability

·        Ichthyology (the study of fish)

·        Plumbing skills

·        Mentoring

·        Philanthropy

·        Materials procurement

Students will also receive a certificate of completion as well as a letter of reference, describing their accomplishments for every year they fulfill in the program. They will be honored at an annual celebration, while we induct the new students.  This certificate and reference letter can be used to document their volunteer hours for any purpose. 

Spiritual Development

As they are working through a faith-based, non-profit organization, students will hear about how the Lord inspired Seeds of Grace, it’s mission, it’s direction and it’s ongoing development.  They will hear about how God has sustained the organization, how He created every opportunity and opened every door, and about how the director is deeply committed to obeying the Lord at every turn. In the process of building and developing the project, there will be occasions for the director to point out how God created successful situations that the students will celebrate.

Although sharing this belief is not a requirement for participation, if the director’s viewpoint is offensive, the candidate should opt out of the program.

Family Involvement

Student’s families will be kept abreast of the progress the students are making to achieve their goals.  It is very important that parents support the students’ schedule with the project, and that it be supported as completely as possible. Parents are encouraged to ask questions, help their student with research or problem-solving, or as a sounding board.  Parents are invited to come and see what the students are working on at any time.

Student Care

Students will be well cared for.  Depending on the schedule they develop, Seeds of Grace will always have snacks, beverages and/or meals on hand to sustain them with healthy options.

Students will experience some difficulties.  There will be conflict with other students, conflict with the director and conflict with themselves.  Students will be mentored through their difficulties through a Christian lens.  They will be loved and nurtured.  Grace will abound, and forgiveness will always be offered.

Celebration of the student’s success will come in various ways, and could be words of encouragement, a special gift, a privilege or a public acknowledgement.

Disciplinary Actions

Most of the time, we can talk through issues of obstinence, disrespect and misbehavior, however if the following lines are crossed, students will be given one warning before being dismissed from the current meeting: exhibition of any kind of racism, discrimination or intolerance. When they return to the next scheduled meeting, they will be expected to show an appropriate level of remorse for their behavior and apologize to the team, and specifically the person they targeted. If it happens a second time, they will not be welcomed back.

There is no tolerance for violence, drugs, intentional damage or vandalism to Seeds of Grace property or theft.  Any student engaged in these acts will be immediately dismissed and asked not to return.

Parents will be informed of all disciplinary actions.

Seeds of Grace Commitment

Student’s spiritual security, physical safety and their successes are the most important factors to this Seeds of Grace program. Students will always be encouraged. They will always be treated fairly.

At no time will student be left unsupervised, without an adult present.


Student:  I agree to the provisions set forth in this agreement.  I commit to the Student-led Aguaponics Team for next 12 months. I understand the consequences of unacceptable behavior as they are described and will abide by any disciplinary action.


Students may apply through THIS LINK.  Deadline for applying is May 1, 2016. A meeting on May 2, 2016 at 6:00 PM in the Seeds of Grace HQ located at 616 Pacific Avenue will be an open group interview and the final decision will be made by  May 8, 2016.