I am always searching for people to contribute to The Sower. I think it’s nice to have words other than mine to read. Not only do you get a fresh perspective, but I don’t have to do a ton of work- well, more than normal anyway…. But there still happens to be those months where no one has submitted a story. I have put out the ask, really! And I could do it myself... but again, I am convinced that my voice is heard too much and I think people really do want variety!

Maybe I am simply not motivated… or in a dry spell - you know - writer's block.  Maybe there are too many other things going on - can't seem to concentrate on one thing - losing my focus.…Maybe it's just a lame excuse for, (in the whiniest voice I can conjure), "I don't want to write another one!"  You might assume that I have no articles from volunteers or others in the community – and you’d be right!

Sometimes (sorry – my blatant honesty strikes again) I get frustrated by what seems to me, a disregard or simply ignoring of my work… Now I know how that sounds (let's have a little cheese with that whine) – and you are absolutely right! In those moments, I am not doing what I am doing for God, In those moments, when I am feeling down in the mouth, and my lip is protruding so far, I could trip on it (as my mother used to say) I am working for the approval of men… Shame, shame… I own it – I am a sinner! And I still wish someone read to here - this point... I mean if someone read this article  thoroughly, they might respond with an article…

You see, nearly every month, there is a call for your expertise – just write 300 - 500 words… and nearly every month, I have to go asking – no – begging, really. I guilt board members. I flatter community members.  I simply ask volunteers – the front line of this organization. And it isn't as if all of these people have lives outside of Seeds of Grace! That I understand... and sometimes, like now, I have to do it myself. 

Typically I make the excuse that I don’t have time! Although right now, as I sit perched on the leading edge of the 747’s starboard wing, in the midst of a 9-hour flight, I really can’t say I have much else better to do…. So I will write. But what I write may not be as pleasing as something you might have written… It may not be as exciting or thought-provoking, or tear-jerking as some clever snippet that you may have come up with. In fact, it might well be boring! Sorry. Not sorry. This is what you get. If you want more, then I welcome you to submit 300 – 500 words on anything you choose.  Really.  Anything! 

It needn't have anything to do with gardens, planting seeds, missions trips, etc. Maybe you have a favorite recipe you want to share! Maybe your child did something really great! Maybe you just like to write short snippets of fiction, and you are looking for somewhere to post it! You can do it here!!!

I don’t have a prize.  I don’t’ have a brownie button.  I don’t even have much more than a “thanks”!

But what you might get are listeners. People who connect with your ideals, your values, your talents, hobbies or your frustrations and fears. You might get some satisfaction at simply putting whatever is on your heart, out there into the (SMALL) world. You might see that you have made an impact. You might see that you haven’t.  Really, all I can do is encourage you that your words want to be seen – your voice wants to be heard. Here is an avenue for that to happen!

If you would like to submit an article to The Sower for consideration, please click the following link. The only criteria are that you give credit where credit is due, you keep it at or below 500 words and that you keep it clean. Interested?